Modesty & sustainability

Our clothing expresses who we are. It sends messages about us, and it influences the way we and others act. When we are well groomed and modestly dressed, we can invite the companionship of the Spirit and exercise a good influence on those around us.

Modesty must influence our manner of production and our business model.
We are impressed by the speech "You are what you wear" by Christina Dean, which you can find on the bottom of this page.

We promote durability and quality in our clothing, and the concept of purchasing less. 

When we develop a collection, we always think of how every item could be combined with another by shape and color. We care about the universality of clothing and timeless chic. Our idea is to make every collection not necessarily related to current trends, but to lifestyle, quality, lines, and design.

"Spend less what you have" - this is our understanding of sustainable growing.

We suggest that our customers learn how to stitch clothing, and how to repair or refashion rather than throw out.
Also, through the conscious use of materials such as recycled polyester or better cotton, our collections are more versatile and lasting. However, our main target is to not add more garbage to the global clothing market.
This is why we choose a "business to customer" marketing strategy. That way we can ship exactly what our clients order. J.M. produces a very small quantity of each item every time, so that we do not have to maintain vast stocks and discard items.

Modesty, sustainability, durability are our favorite ideas in terms of production and business model.

Another interesting Idea we would love to share, are idea of the Ten-items wardrobe by Jennifer L. Scott.


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