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J.M. was founded in 2015 by Julia Mingaleeva. Julia was born in Russia, in Tatarstan, in multi-religion family. So respecting differences in religion and culture was the basis for the growth as a designer.

She worked as a Stylist and Trend analyst. Later she decided to follow the Qua-ran in her life and dressing way, and realized, that her understanding of fashion had totally changed. Julia decided to create her own brand, J.M. - her initials.

The company works in very unique style: J.M. team loves to combine beauty and tenderness of the East with the ideas of the business West



Summer 2017 collection, A Desert Flower. First orders for e-commerce (modastars.com), and the customers from Turkey.


A fashion show in Kazan, Tatarstan (Russia), which received warm reviews and attention of investors. It gave to J.M. a great financial base.

Winter 2018 collection.

JuliaMingaleeva.com opening.

Julia Mingaleeva fashion show Kazan


JM-Woman.com opening;

JM on Instagram;

"A Woman is Purity" Campaign;

Interview publishing.


J.M. marketing

Socially active women aged 25 to 45 who appreciate quality, elegance and a respectful image. She follows her traditions, but at the same time enjoys modern opportunities to express herself.

In our collection you can find the clothing types which we love to develop as follow:

1. Sets ensemble 2-4 pieces: jacket + skirt + trousers + long waistcoat.

2. Long wraps coats.

3. Shirts with active front and sleeves decoration.

4. Wool and suede coats.

5. Hybrids trousers with skirts.

6. Dresses for trousers.

Also we will launch soon shoes and bags.

Our prices and quality.

upper-middle target price

fabrics - natural and mixed for high durability.

Markets: USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, China.


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